LA VIEJA FABRICA Hazelnut Spread - Mermeladas La Vieja Fábrica

LA VIEJA FABRICA Hazelnut Spread

The first hazelnut spread to be made with LA VIEJA FABRICA’s quality seal.

The new LA VIEJA FABRICA hazelnut spreads have a unique flavour and a truly creamy texture that is sure to delight one and all.

They are made from the best quality hazelnuts with UTZ certified cocoa  ( and RSPO certified palm oil ( to guarantee sustainable farming practices.

They also have no genetically modified ingredients and do not contain any colourings, preservatives or hydrogenated fats.

LA VIEJA FABRICA Hazelnut Spread comes in three flavours that are sure to delight the whole family: “Original”, “Duo Milk” and the new “Duo Cookie”, a delicious option for any time of the day, whether for breakfasts, snacks or desserts.

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