LA VIEJA FABRICA Hazelnut Spread made from the best quality hazelnuts.

The LA VIEJA FABRICA hazelnut spreads have a unique flavour and a truly creamy texture that is sure to delight one and all. They are made from the best quality hazelnuts and UTZ certified cocoa (, guaranteeing a sustainable agricultural production. No genetically modified raw materials are used and the spreads do not contain any hydrogenated fats, artificial colours or preservatives.

In addition, it presents a palm oil free hazelnut cream for those consumers who want to take care of their health with a more balanced diet.

Discover the four different varieties:

- “Original” (hazelnut spread with cocoa)
- “Original” palm oil free (hazelnut spread with cocoa)
- “Milk” (double spread of hazelnuts with cocoa and milk)
- “Cookie” (cookie-flavoured double spread of hazelnuts with cocoa and milk).

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