Combines with Everything

Endless combinations to make your daily recipes even more special.


New and original sweet sauces, to give free rein to your creativity.


La Vieja Fábrica Combines with Everything is an innovative line of sauces and side dishes made with carefully selected blends of fruits, vegetables and spices, which bring intensity and exclusivity to all your daily recipes.

The best way to complete your meals with flavour, originality and surprise.

New sauces, with amazing flavours!

  • Add them as a garnish or enhance a vinaigrette
  • Use them as a condiment
  • Complement your sauces
  • Enjoy them as a garnish
  • Try them as a dip
  • Enhance your sweet and savoury dishes

Make the most of
Combines with Everything
with these delicious recipes.

Our products are always the result of know-how.

Because we respect the ingredients and the traditional way of doing things, adapting to the new times.