Since 1834, the best jams.

Tradition, passion and dedication

If there is one thing that has characterised us for almost 200 years, it is our passion for fruit and authentic flavour. We have always been faithful to our original recipe and to a traditional production process that has allowed us to preserve the texture, colour and natural aroma of the fruits we select. That’s why our jams have an authentic homemade taste.

At La Vieja Fábrica, over the years, we have maintained the same quality as always in all our products. Our jams are made daily using an artisan process that has been passed down from generation to generation and where attention to detail and the use of the highest quality raw materials are paramount. Inside each jar is a true story of tradition, passion and dedication.

We have a vocation for things done well and we are specialists in what we do. We offer a unique, memorable and always recognisable experience to consumers, an unmistakable experience that no one can imitate.

Although our values and way of doing things have not changed, at La Vieja Fábrica we have not stopped innovating, adapting to the tastes and desires of consumers who, like us, feel the same passion for excellent products. For this reason, we have evolved by creating new products and introducing new flavours or ranges such as “Diet”, “Select Cuisine” and “Zero Refined Sugar”.



Our purpose

Our purpose is to transform every day into an extraordinary moment, and that is why we make our jams with a traditional know-how that respects the ingredients and the traditional way of doing things. We offer superior quality and extraordinary taste that brings that “something” that makes people’s lives better – that’s why our products are authentic.